1998 lumina misreading temp.

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okay. i have a 1998 chevy lumina 3.1L sedan. first the temp gauge started rising and dropping dramatically, and found that the thermostat was sticking... replaced it, and also found that the upper hose was collapsing... replaced it. then noticed the fans were not kicking on... replaced the relay and it did nothing. replaced the sensor... now they(fans) work... but i'll be damned it it's still not right. its reading half between half and red... and its barely warm. also flushed the radiator. what now? the gauge? :cussing: :banghead: :ticking:

posted by  callalilly81

The gauge only tells u the temp, does not regulate heat in any way. :asshake: :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

The upper hose collapsed because the cooling system was trying to suck coolant but did not have any to suck. Sounds like you may have an air bubble in the system. That would account for the low temp reading and the fans not kicking in. :ticking:

posted by  srober32

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