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Hey, I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and i have been having problems with it changing gears. It is an Automatic and when i am driving at times, quite often by the way, it will fail to get out of 1st or second gear, whichever it decides. the rpms will go all the way up and it still will not change... when it does get out of first or second gear it will go pretty smooth... occasionally it will slip down to the previous gear and the rpms will jump up but it usually goes back to that gear and it drives normal. Also when i am coming to stops and when i am at a complete stop with the car still in drive, the car will at times shake violently and the rpms will drop to 0 as though the car is going to shut off and then they will jump back up and it will keep running... I have had a dealer look at it and they say that i need to rebuild my transmission for $2200 but i just want to know someone elses' opinion before i went and just spent the money when it could be something else.

posted by  90_HA

he might be right. basically check your fluid level, does it smell really bad like burnt something?what colour is it? and check the throttle valve cable that runs to your throttle levers, it will probably be the only other cable...othar than you throttle cable. make sure it is still attached and it moes freely, othar than that maybe some computer codes can be checked, alot of newer vehicles have sensor and switches hooked up to sensor that can be checked thru the computer like maybe you tourque converter lock up solenoid is stayig on, other than that ......?good luck

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I had the same problem, wouldnt shift out of first and second until I hit 6000 RPMs. I went to the Garage and they replaced the speed sensor and that took care of it. Hope that helps a little.

Good luck

posted by  1996grdcher

ther is an elecronic controller that senses vacuum.i would spend 120 and get all the fluid changed first.disconnect the battery.since the transmission is electronically controlled,it learns how you drive.disconnecting the battery might correct a glitch.check the plug on the transmission,it may have corrosion.sprey a contact cleaner.careful not to break the locking tabs.if you do ,a blob of silicone will keep it in place.

posted by  the lobster

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