strange sound at 50mph on 1995 corolla

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Hi there, my first post. I did read the guidelines. :laughing:

1995 Toyota Corolla DX. 1.8L engine, auto transmission. I'm in Boston.

Since last week, when the car reaches 50mph or higher, a strange sound can be heard on right side of this car. Sounds like small stones hitting the side of the car continually. The faster the louder.

No sound at lower speeds, and it has nothing to do with the road condition.

The following seems OK to me: accelarating, steering, braking, shock absorption.

Myself: A researcher at Harvard Medical School. Know little about auto. :banghead:

posted by  urright

Hard brake it. Put it in drive put your left foot on the brake and acclerate with your right foot while still braking.. If you hear the sound it is most probably your exaust system somewhere. If you do not hear anything I have no clue. Also be sure your license plates are tight. I found that out after days of wondering what an annoying sound was that I kept on hearing.

You might also want to check the catalytic converter.. The shield could be rotting out or something could have got caught between the shield and the converter that is causing the noise.

posted by  EvilPodAE

a nut was loosed on right front fender. Now fixed. Thanks for suggestions. :smoke:

posted by  urright

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