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I have an '03 Chevy Blazer SUV LS ~ Just purchased with 7700 miles. Its a great vehicle, "except!" there is this unusual thumping noise (like a one hit by a bass drum) that occurs when the vehicle has just been driven and the ignition has been turned off. The noise is coming from the center of the vehicle. I am totally guessing, like the gas tank, muffler area? If it is nothing, I'll be fine, its just totally annoying. I am just afraid of what it could be and why it is happening. A mechanic cannot help me, due to it happening so infrequently and not being able to pinpoint it. It happens every time I turn the car off and sit in it and listen, maybe 5 minutes later, POP, then 10 more minutes, POP ~ ~ Please help... What could this be? I feel like it is a think gas tank, like a soda can popping..... thank you.

posted by  Agltlbs

My F-150 Pops while cooling down. As do alot of vehicles under normal conditions. It's nothing to worry about most likely so Id just let it go.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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