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:doh: I have a 1998 Dodge Neon with a 2.0 SOHC and lately my car's a/c has been inoperative meaning that i try to turn on the A/c switch on to see if the fan and the clutch would engage, but wouldn't....but the fan only turns on when the Thermostat is operative for the coolant, could anyone please help me with this frustrating problem? Could it be a bad compressor, connector or something else? I quoted a new price for the compressor and clutch for $198 manufactured...but i want to see if anyone has a different opinion before i buy such a expensive part..thanks alot...


posted by  SoaringEagle28

I know its kind of hard to do a technical analysis online...but maybe i can elaborate a little more. I went to buy a testing kit, more like a R-134 or whatever it is Refrigerant with the gauge and i hooked it up to the line, and the colors on the gauge indicate whatever steps you need to take. It went to red which "Warning" meaning a problem somewhere. The compressor has two connectors, one for the cooling fan, and the other for the compressor, i checked a relay switch, it was good. Now could the compressor be bad inside itself so that the connectors would not engage each part? My car is pretty old, it has 111,000 miles on it, but is in great running condition, which i just replaced the water pump and timing belt...any ideas would be helpful, thank you so much in advance and afterwards.

posted by  SoaringEagle28

First off, go to a certified garage and have them put a die in ur A/C. I'm pretty sure u are out of freon. (might be R-12 and not A-134 in ur system). Anyways, that will tell u if u have a leak and it's FAR LESS EXPENSIVE than going straight for the compressor. Some cars have a failsafe on the A/C which prevents the compressor from kicking in if the freon level is too low.
Start with that, znd P.S. ive never seen a functionnal A/C thats over 9-10 years old. They leak before that, so do the die thing and go back after 2-3 days, they'll tell u exactly where ur leak is. :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

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