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HI all I told you about my problem with the broken bolt in the manifold. Well, this is the question, I know it is like near the exhust now if it was broken would I hear noise or something. I know once the bolt comes out it sounds like datona 500. I want to know if there is any noise that I would hear while the bolt is still in the car, but is also broken? One other thing wouldnt something be leaking. I see no sign of leaking under the car or anything.

My car sounds great. I dont understand.

Thanks to all of you I really appreciate it, if you have any sites or anything one this topic please give them to me and all opinions and diagnosis count. thanks.

posted by  Fgreco

I doubt anyone will have a clue as to what bolt you speak of. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I dont know the name of the bolt. The people just said the bolt is broke in the manifold. It is the bolt in the exhust. That is all I know.

it is the exhust system. usually it leaks . I dont know Iam less then an ameture when it comes to cars. :screwy:

posted by  Fgreco

I guess you are talking about a broken exhaust manifold bolt that has broken off in the head. I repaired that exact same thing about 3 days ago. It's a simple repair sometimes and if you do it yourself it will cost about $25.

However, I vote for you to leave it alone. The only problem resulting in leaving it alone is your exhaust manifold cracking. Not very likely but it can happen.

posted by  DodgeRida67

unless it's a ford 302 right bank exhaust manifold, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find one in a junkyard cuz they all break

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

A couple more things.

Repairing a snapped manifold bolt is straight foward. If you have the room (rarely you have room) it can be done with the head on the car. If not, you have to remove the head for access.

All you do (simply put, but it takes skill) is drill out the remainder of the bolt. I do this by first drilling in the center of it with a small-diameter metal grade drill bit and work my way up to a larger-diamter drill bit until it's all gone. After that, ream the hole to a correct size (drill it smooth and to a certain size) and tap the hole for a thread insert. Insert thread insert (heli-coil is a popular type) and you are pretty much done. Get a new bolt and...that's the deal.

posted by  DodgeRida67

too bad I couldnt do that . I dont know anything about cars at all. I hear that it can be very expensive if a mechanic does it. at this time would I hear any noise or leakage. that is what Iam really looking for is the symptoms of haveing it becasue so far I dont have the symptoms. unless you get them when the bolt comes out?

posted by  Fgreco

I remember your earlier post about the broken bolt. If your gasket is intact under the manifold you arent gonna hear a lot of noise from that problem however you are letting a lot of heat out under the hood that could create future problems.

And to take from example what Banff said earlier...I had a 302 6 in a 74 Explorer longbed that I stripped the threads out of a bolt in the exhaust manifold AND HELL NO I could not find a new bolt anywhere. It didnt seem TO BE a you said no noise...nothing apparent. However I eventually broke a lot of belts and blew two head gaskets in short time because of the heat problem it made. Finally I just re-bored the hole and put in a larger bolt and sold the bastard for scrap cuz I was pretty sure all that had weakened the heads.

I still say you should bore out that bolt and put a larger one in. You'll save yourself future probs. If you cant do it with a good drill you should be able to find a mechanic who will for about 30-40 bucks in labor (takes about 30 mins for someone with the right tools). Just tell him you want that bolt housing bored out and to leave your car the hell alone otherwise.

posted by  Blue_Frog

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