need help with 96 t-bird lx, v-8 electrical system

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The problem first started with the radiator fan moter. I have replaced that along with the thermastat, fan rely, fuses. For a temp fix the radiator fan moter was wired to the accesory box. After a short time, that burned out losing my radio, clock, power windows and wiper blade moter. The radiator fan moter is now running from the air conditioner.
When I bought the car the vacumm line was not hooked up. When I hook it up the car shuts off as soon as I put it in gear.
Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  hotfire26

Ewwwwww I hate this kind of answer because I'm an old school 'shade tree' mechanic type and like cars better from back when computers didnt tell them what to do. But it sounds like you have not only a short in your electrical system but some sensor in your computer system doesnt like how your engine is working...mainly emmissions of some sort if a vaccum hose is killing your engine. Bad oxygen intake or fuel mixture is my guess there but thats purely a guess.

Also another indicator of a sure short somewhere in your electrical my knowledge all fords after like 90 or so had electric fans that came on automatically at like 170 degrees F and THEN ran alongside AC. If that fan isnt coming on at say 20 mins into running the car in idle at least once I'd say that is one more sensor that is shorted out (the fan temp sensor...usually somewhere around the thermy housing on fords).

posted by  Blue_Frog

Could be the missing hose is admitting idle air to the plenum in the absence of power to your idle up solenoid or signal to the ECU to say it's (radiator fan) running.

posted by  Wally

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