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Hi there,
I'm trying to repair a sticky lock, but I have no idea how to get the window (manual) roller to come off. No screw in the end. Between that and my interior door handle...

Please help....

posted by  Tiffany31

The window crank has a clip on the back that is a real pain to get ouf without damaging the the handle. I usually use a hook type tool go get the clip off. Otherwise just break the handle, they are fairly cheap

posted by  froylaven

Last time I was in O'Rielys I saw a funny wrench/clip tool for this kinda stuff and looked at it a bit since my passenger door dont seem to want to open right from the inside but I didnt ask cuz I was too broke to buy it anyways.

If you have one in your area you might call n ask if it can help.

posted by  Blue_Frog

Hi Tiffany,
To get the handle off without damage ,take a dish cloth or rag and feed it in behind the handle as you turn it and the clipshould come off,
good luck

posted by  ajbes

Yeah, those clips are annoying ... I believe the tool you can buy is pretty handy, but I've always done it with a pair of needle nose pliers and a tiny screwdriver. Once youve done it a few times you get the hang of it.

posted by  windsonian

HI can you give me more info how to get the winder off i have no idea what bit you remove is there a pin or dose that plastic washer come off

posted by  grimsdale

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