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Hi I have a 4 door, 4 cylinder 95 honda accord with 195,000 miles on it and it recently overheated. But prior to this overheating the temperature gauge in the dash kept going above and below the midpoint between the red and blue temperature marks. After the overheating I had to replace the radiator and then a hose that I think leads to the water pump. Not sure though. The hose that I replaced connects behind the engine and it is the about the same size as the hose that connects to the thermostat.

Now after the repairs, the cars temperature gauge in the dash still flucuates like so:

|..............................|.........|..|.............................. .....|

the midpoint is the 3rd line from the left. The marks near the midpoint is where the guage moves. Another thing is that the gauge doesn't go as near the blue or cool side of the gauge as it did before it overheated.

The gauge doesn't really go into the hot area but it sometimes passes the midpoint area. So the car isn't necessarily continually overheating but I don't think that the flucuations of the gauge is normal or a good thing.

I think the fans usually turns on when I turn off the engine. The heater works well. The air conditionor on the other hand doesn't work so well. It gives off not hot, but warm air.

So what is going on with this car? Why is the gauge moving like that, and is that okay? If not what is the problem? I really need to know fast so I can get it fixed. I use this car to get to school so I would extremely appreciate your help on this problem. Thanks

posted by  95accordprobs

As I have been so recently reminded by my new ride...temp gauges mean chit in cars in the past 15 years or so. They can misread for oh so many reasons and dont really tell you anyting about the operating temp of your engine.

Your problem sounds something like the same I'm having. Some sensor that regulates the air intake or relays the temp to other components isnt working right. Problem is figuring out which damn one is messing up.

Also it might be the catalytic converter being blocked and pushing all your exhaust back into the engine (especially if you thot the radiator might be the prob). Put your hand by your tailpipe and make sure you have good flow coming out.

posted by  Blue_Frog

A solution to your problem might be cheaking the thermostat, also there is a product out there called "water wetter" it will help keep your system cooler... I hope this helps ...Joe

posted by  Turbo89

how did u know my name??

posted by  95accordprobs

Ha, I think his name is Joe as well. If you didn't replace the thermostat when it overheated I suggest replacing it with a new one. The catalytic converter, contrary to some beliefs :screwy: , has nothing to do with cooling of your engine. Some variation in the temp gage is normal due to different loads on your engine. :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

had similar problem w/90 accord, 185k started overheating, replaced clogged radiator due to fins also damaged, a/c fan stopped a few months later, then radiator fan quit next. fan est 200.00 new each motor. check to see if they operate properly 1st. the guage also flux. and thermostate and hose replaced, now runs cool

posted by  doug wong

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