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I've an 10-year-old mitshubishi lancer. Recently, I've just replaced the driver side's door central lock actuator. Since I could not get the original replacement anymore, I got a similar actuator (5-wire) from another make which has slightly different wirings. I need to make some mods (to the wiring) before it could work.

However, I not able to unlock the car with my remote. The doors are locked when I activated the alarm. However, when deactivating, the door just won't unlock. Pls note that the central locking function works fine when I lock and unlock the car manually, by pressing and pulling the lock button at the driver's door or when using the key.

Hence, I would appreciate if someone is able to share with me the following information:
a) how does the alarm send a signal to the central locking module upon activation and deactivation
b) is the signal sent via the same cable for activation and deactivation of the alarm
c) how does the central control unit communicate with the door actuator. Does it use the same cable to lock and unlock the actuator?

I suspect that the alarm is not sending any signal to the central locking unit upon deactivation.

Would appreciate if anyone can share some advise on this matter.


posted by  nweiler

Let's see if I understand you:
1) when you activate the car alarm, the locks are all activated
2) when you de-activate the car alarm, the locks are NOT de-activated
3) when you use the key or the internal door lock, ALL of the locks lock and unlock

If this is the case, then you are quite correct, the problem would seem to lie between the alarm module and the lock module.

The lock controller has two control wires (brown/white typically). One of these is for lock, and the other is for unlock. There are two separate ones because they drive two separate relays that give the motor a pulse in either direction. These two wires will connect in parallel to 2 of the 5 wires in your master actuator(s) and also to 2 wires coming off the alarm module.

See this link to see what I mean - download the .pdf file. download the .pdf file.

I would suggest that the unlock control wire between the alarm unit and the central locking unit has a dodgy connection or a break etc.

It seems that you connected the new actuator properly, you probably just messed up one of the connections while you were playing around.

Let me know if you need any more help. I know this was a bit long-winded, but I know what I'm talking about, even if I can't express it very well.

Good Luck.

posted by  windsonian

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