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I have a set of fog-lights, they use the standard h3 bulb type. My question is, with the standard h3 bulbs being 55w, could i simply pop in a set off 100w bulbs without any problems? I know a little about electronics, but I'd like to check anyway. It would seem to me that the only thing that would change is it would draw more from the battery, and obviously be brighter. But could you just do that without any issues?

posted by  Focal

ive put in many sets of PIAA 100w bright zenon blue's or white's into peoples cars without any trouble, anyone i get these bulbs for come back extremely happy that they can see at night, so good luck make sure your headlight alignment is perfect cuz they damn bright bulbs and if you flash me on the highway i'll be pissed

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Xenon light annoy me! When a car with xenon lights are comin towards you at night, you cant see s**t! but who cares, they look good.

posted by  Zenith

You'll be fine until a cop pulls you over for having more than a 60w (might be 65, don't recall) bulb.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

It's not advisable to double the current draw through already maxed out wires.

posted by  DodgeRida67

just a thought, wires, fuse normally set up to take up to 2/3 of watts continous. double the watts= good light, hot wires, burn wires, electrical fire! might think a bit first before high watts used unless wires are set to 120 watts and strong fuse used.

posted by  doug wong

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