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Hello, I was wondering how I could remove my headlights on my 93' lumina so that I can pop off the lens and wet sand both sides eliminating this yellowish build up that has well... built up. I popped open my hood and saw a few bolts above the lights, I took them out and them the headlight freely wobbled in position but I couldnt get it out do to connections somewhere else, so i popped the bolts back in and headed to the computer for a guide somewhere but found non, so now I am here. Can anyone help me?

posted by  JWalker

if it's a sealed unit, meaning you install your headlight bulbs through the back of the lens, some vehicles have little metal tangs you can pop off the plastic lens, it's usually sealed with like roofers tar or silicone, but ive never heard of successfully removing the lens to clean the oxidation off, usually buy a new lens assembly, or find a wreck with good lenses and take the whole assembly, other than that.... good luck lemme know if you figure it out.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Hmm, yea i dont really see a metal casing that you are talking about.

posted by  JWalker

any help?

posted by  JWalker

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