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I want to replace the timing belt on my 87 Camry, and i am wondering what gasket sets i will require.


posted by  jeepwillies

you dont really need any gaskets sets, cause they might not be leaking, but if you were to need them go ahead and get the cam, crank and oil pump seals. you also might wanna look at the water pump closely when you have the belt removed.

posted by  jnemeth

depand on what has to be removed to get the timing belt off of tha camry

posted by  tbaxleyjr

If it's the same as the one here (2000cc? east/west) you need a new belt and that's it, unless the idler is knackered in which case you can buy a new idler or bearing. Gates should have a kit, that may also include cam seal should you feel adventurous.

posted by  Wally

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