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I'm in a crunch. I live in Germany in the U.S Military. We have an American Spec. 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo that while driving, the dash lights will appear, the tach will go to nothing, and die. Once you pull over, put it in park, wait about 30 seconds, it will start right up again. After having done this about 5 or so times, the Check engine light finally came on. We now have it in a German Mechanic shop but they can't find the code in their sources. Can anybody help me as to what is causing this problem so I can get the problem directly fixed? Thanks a billion!

posted by  jnsplyler

144 fuel system load signal

i think thats the wire coming from fuel control computer going to ignition computer to signal if fuel system is okay b4 lighting the spark. you havent mentioned if this happens all the time or once in awhile driving down the road. anywayz its a yellow wire on terminal 8 on the ignition computer. instructions says volt meter to the yellow wire and ground.. then turn key to on engine off and check for .1 volt. be sure to check the wire condition all the way.. it should be shorting to ground during driving..

anyways we cant fully trust old car system codes.. it could be the wire is in good shape and something is wrong with the fuel system, so the fuel controller wont send the signal

posted by  thongsai

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