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I have a 1990 Geo Tracker. I was driving it last night when out of nowhere all of my interior lights went out (including all dash lights), I also lost my tail lights, and my stereo no longer works. Any clue what could have went wrong? My headlights still work and so do my break lights. I haven't put anything new in the Tracker, so it shouldn't be a blown fuse. But, I don't know what else could cause all of this to happen at the exact same time. Please get back to me with any help you can give. Thank you for your time.

msratpak :ohcrap:

posted by  msratpak

You don't have to put anything new in a vehicle to blow a fuse, something just has to surge it. Check your fuses.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I had this same problem with my 91 suzuki sidekick. The problem for me was the headlight switch on steering column. If I played with it I could get the lights to come on about 25% of the time and sometimes a nasy bump while driving would turn the lights on or off if I left the switch on. I pulled the cover to the lever and played with arm a little bit and it got better. I'm not mechanically inclined so I wasn't going to pull anything apart (at least not very far. Try repeatedly turning the switch off and on and pulling and pushing on the light switch control arm and everything may begin working again. I lost interior lights, tail lights, but not headlights. It makes it hard to see how fast you are going doesn't it.


posted by  HEnuff

My 92 Tracker did the same thing last night. Fuses all test good with a test light. I pulled the radio and found that the white wire - which is supposed to be hot at all times is not; and the white w/black stripe wire which is supposed to be hot with the key is now hot all the time.

I have a Haynes manual which shows some sectional wiring diagrams, but not all the componets together on one sheet. It looks like the same white wire that I mentioned above comes through the dome/tail light fuse (which is good). According to the "typical running light system" diagram in the Haynes book, this white wire splits and feeds both sides of a headlamp relay, with red w/blue and red w/yellow wires out of it. The red w/blue should ground through the headlamp combination switch to pull the contact to feed the red w/yellow that supplies power to the running lamps (and dash lamps I suspect).

The only thing is - where's the headlamp relay located? I looked under the dash & under the hood and can't find it. Any ideas?

posted by  Marty

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