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i have a 1992 chevy astro w..engine cast#18105903 with a rod hanging out of the oil i bought a replacement motor with 27000 miles on cast#18172756..i have know idea what it came out of...(if anyone can read the engine cast # and let me know that would be a big help) the question is can i put the cmfi manfold on the tbi block and will it work...another thing the vin w motor has a balancer shaft and the vin??? motor doesnt as far as i know..will this cause any issues if it doesnt have a balancer shaft?..please help thanks ss

posted by  sworrix

Hi , there's a good section on that gives you a lot of imfo about the 4.3 and some casting no's. check it out. Slim

posted by  Slimone

look for any differences like a knock sensor mounted to the side of the block most if not all 4.3 L should be the same block just some different options for different application like a full size truck or a jimmy/blazer to the vans change the intake manifold from your old engine to the new one should be all you need to do

posted by  osborste

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