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Hi all some of you know I was told I had so many problems with my car like the manifold. Well, I whent to my own mechanic for a second opinion and he said it was on the computer a catelec converter. I spelled it rong but, if anyone knows how to spell it please correct me.

This is the big question how much is a catelic converter?

posted by  Fgreco

went, not whent
wrong, not rong
catalytic, not catelec
call ur local dealer then an autoparts store.

on the computer a catalytic converter? i don't follow. also, a vaccum test will pinpoint if ur converter is clogged.

posted by  Carcass

Well, I brought it to my mechanic. This is what he is telling me. I dont work on my car at all, for I dont know how. I just want to know if by reseting the light will that have anything with reseting the codes that the mechanic would pick up. That is all Iam asking. The light was reset so I took it to my mechanic to have him check it out and the code he came up with is the catalyic converter. The other place came up with the manifold and all sorts of crap. I want to know if my mechanic who picked up the catalyic converter . damn what Iam saying is would the scanner overlook the codes it if the light was already reset.

NOTE: Sorry this post is very confusing. Sorry again. :banghead:

posted by  Fgreco

It has a sensor on the cat? That's... different. Not to mention on the manifolds.

Well to answer your question on how much a cat. costs, about $50 CAD (so.. $30 USD or so, not much). Sounds to me like there's something going on with your O2 sensor, maybe not getting enough back pressure, ie. cat blown-out or headers loose.. or getting too much.. ie. cat plugged..

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

well, not to argue with u, but when my parents wanted to replace the catalytic converter on a 91 MPV back in the day, it was $2000 CAD at the dealer. So $50, i doubt it. I`d say more around $150, depending on the car.

Buddy, if u don`t trust the mechanic u spoke to, go to a different garage, get a 2nd opinion. Mechanics are just like everyone, there are good ones, and some that just plain suck. I`d say there is on average one mechanic per garage. The other "mechanics" there are parts changers. Meaning that they change a part, then maybe another until eventually they fix the problem. Anyone can fix a car using this method.

posted by  Carcass

$2000 to replace a catalytic converter? I think not. You had the torque converter replaced. Two different things.

Naw, cats are cheap, you don't need to go to a dealer or anything to have one replaced, go to your local muffler shop to get one put in. Also doesn't depend on the car. Each car doesn't have a special cat, all you need is one that has the same size pipe as on the car.

I'd suggest getting a resonator put in in place of a cat though, cheaper, who cares about polution anyway?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

I know the ****ing diff between a catalytic converter and a torque converter. Christ, u are a bright one. And put a resonator instead of a cat? Nice going, they ain't the same at all. The MPV had both, where do u get ur ideas? Ur teacher? :asshake:

posted by  Carcass

I'm quite a bit brighter than you it seems... 2 grand for a catalytic convertor.. that's a joke..

......You can use a resonator instad of a cat. A cat's purpose is to keep back-pressure and to produce less pollution. A resonator keeps the back-pressure and is cheaper, the car doesn't know what's coming out of the pipe.

And actually, I get my ideas from every day work. That's what I do, work on cars, that's where I get all of my income. 95% of people will just pop a resonator on instead of a cat, person I bought my car from did it, found that out when I blew a hole through it. We probably send 2 cars a week to the muffler shop to get a resonator put in instead of a cat.

I don't have a teacher either, well, i'm supposed to, but I've taught my teacher more than he's taught me...

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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