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Hello out there

I have a 1983 ford f250 diseal that dies after it runs for about 20 mins. I already replaced the glowplug relay , but I am still having the same problem. Anyone out there have any suggestions on what may be the problem please let me know what you think.

Howard :banghead:

P.S. the fuel pump is working fine

posted by  hmwolf

i haven't done diesel stuff in aboot 4 years but do you have a bad cylinder? if you have a temp gun, measure the temperature of each cylinder at the exhaust manifold, if you have one colder cylinder then it's probably not working to well, could be fuel problems but you need a diesel tech to check that stuff, the pressure coming outa there will cut a hole right through you, i would stay the hell away from the fuel system if you don't know what your doin

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I think there is a leak in the fuel system. Air is getting in I think. If a cylinder is bad, why would it run fine untill it dies? Let me know

posted by  hmwolf

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