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Hi, I have a 94 mazda protege, cant wait to get rid of it :banghead: Anyways we have put in a new clutch (standard transmission) and have assembled everything however there is a slight problem. When pushing the pedal in it does not feel as if it has enough pressure (has some but not as it should). When I push the pedal in and try to shift, it is tough to get into gear like it binds and I cant get it into just grinds. We've bled the system what else to do?

posted by  tybiggs

You sure you put the plate in facing the right way?

posted by  Wally

A common problem with inexperienced mechanics, but yes, the plate is on the correct way..we pumped the hell out of it too (hydraulic) still not going far enough to grab properly though

posted by  tybiggs

Bleed and bleed again. Done it on two Toyotas. Sorry but seriously it sounds like dirt or air in the you said common problem.

posted by  Blue_Frog

we bled the biatch for 4 hours non stop last night :cussing:

posted by  tybiggs

Is there any chance u contaminated the clutch before installing it? :ohcrap:

posted by  Carcass

did u cheap out and got a clutch only? or did u buy the whole kit.. new bearing, plate, and clutch?

posted by  thongsai

What I found to work best on hydo clutch systems is to use a vacuume bleeder. You might also want to check if the slave and master cylinder are not leaking or any thing.

posted by  srober32

Ijust bought a little 1992 mazda b2600 truck and replaced the clutch. my clutch is doing same thing. sometimes not catching or doing reverse. someone told me it needs adjusting. Any suggestions?

posted by  jessycap

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posted by  srober32

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