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Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could lend some advise to me.

I have a 1988 BMW 535 IS (manual five speed) that stalled out on me a few weeks ago, It happened when I pulled over to use my cell and it kind shuddered and stalled... kind of like it ran out of gas. I tried cranking it a few times and figured i did something awfull so I let it rest for about ten minutes. I cranked it again and it fired right up like it never had a I drive off and get to the first stop light it stalled out again as I slowed down. I have replaced both fuel pumps, fuel filter, coil, battery, and all of the fuses and relays under the hood in the fuse box, but when I turn the key to start, it still sounds like the pump isn't going and I'm not receiving any fule to the engine. But it crakns fine and strong. A friend of mine that owns several BMW's came over and removed the air filter and choked it down by covering it with his hand while I cranked it and t started. When he moved his hand away it died. I have checked for cracks on the air intake rubber......and the metal thingy (metal box connecting the air filter to the rubber with the vac hoses and stuff) seems like it is freely moving and not obstructed.

Did I miss a hidden relay or is my car dead?

I appreciate any help on this.

Thanks everyone.

Dunn :banghead:

posted by  Scuba_Wino

check for cracks? if ur looking for a vacuum leak, u will need a small propane tank.. and blast it at the intake system to find the leak. anthing past air sensor to intake manifold.

posted by  thongsai

I didn't see any cracks but I also didn't try it like that. I'll give it a shot this morning.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Dunn :thumbs:

posted by  Scuba_Wino

Could be a relay but it could be the idle circuit have someone with a code reader check it out.

posted by  srober32

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