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I am 22 and I have a 2001 pontiac sunfire. I was driving it 2 days ago no problems no overheating or anything. I parked it. I went to get in it this morning and it wont start. It will act like it tries to start but never turns over. I have no idea what this could be. It wont even start to take it to a machinic. Any advise please help. I checked the spark plugs and they spark. Thanks so much.

posted by  laceyday

Check the easy stuff first. Are you out of gas? I learned the hard way that I had a faulty fuel gauge with a problem like this.

It could be a clogged fuel filter or injectors or a bad fuel pump.

posted by  DaveB

You may need a new pack of coil. Have you checked if you have spark.

posted by  peter kaks

Check that the fuel pump is working. First shut off the radio and fan so you can hear. Turn on the key and there should be a slight buzzing or humming coming from the rear of the car. If not, check the fuel pump relay (usually in the trunk) and see if you can reset it by pushing the button on it. If that does nothing you may need a fuel pump. However, if you do hear the humming check the fuel rail on the engine. Looking for a little valve thingie. Works a lot like a tire valve made out of metal. DO NOT SMOKE OR HAVE ANY SPARKS OR FLAMES AROUND FOR THIS PART!! Wear your safety goggles! Take a small screwdriver and depress the center nub on the valve if no fuel comes out you may have a clogged fuel filter or frozen line. I hope this helps narrow it down for you. :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

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