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hi guys :)
I would love to know if these performance enhancing chips for cars on ebay are worth a darn. says for about 25-50 dollars i can get a chip to add up to 20 hp to my nissan maxima, its a 2000 modle, 50k miles and i love it and want to hook it up ! :)

posted by  DW0123

I would personally say that all that chip does (the 20 bux ones on ebay) is take of the speed limiter. For instance, a good ECU like the one from Jim Wolf Technology does the following:

*Removes the speed limiter
*Raises the rev limiter a bit (I think on my 240sx it went from 6500 to 7200 rpm's)
*Enriches the air:fuel dumps more fuel in so you can compensate for the lean settings from Nissan
*Increases HP by about 10whp or so maybe more

It's a great mod to use to bring together all you basic or advanced mods like intake, headers, exhaust or if you have a turbo/ will be reflashed for that and set for whatever setup you have

posted by  NISSANSPDR

You talking about the "chips" that cause an offset in the air intake temperature reading, that can be done just as effectively with a one cent resistor? I don't endorse the idea.

posted by  Wally

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