1991 Olds Cutlas supreme 3100 w/97k miles

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I floored it to get out into traffic and then it stalled and quite. It restarted reluctantly and it worked fine for another 100m. After a couple of days of sitting I went to start it and it would only idle and appeared to be missing. When the accelerator was press the engine killed.
I messed with some of the electrical connectors and vacuum lines and the car magically started and ran well. Took it around the block a few time and, again it ran well until I floored it and it killed. Got it running again and just made it into my garage.
Replaced the IACV, which didn't fix the problem. The engine error code flashed 33, the MAP sensor. Replaced the MAP sensor. The car still started but seemed to be missing and killed when the accelerator was pressed.
Replaced the fuel filter, same problem continued. Checked the fuel Pressure at the fuel rail and it was 45#.
No error codes displayed at the present time.
Do you have any ideas of what I should be looking for now?
How many parts do I need to replace before getting lucky??

posted by  templdl

Check plugs, wires and everything related. Check air filter, make sure not obstructed or too dirty. Seems maybe ur engine ain't getting enuff air. I dunno. Does it consume oil? :hi:

posted by  Carcass

:cussing: After repacing the IACV, TPS, MAP, and the fuel filter yield no success. The only error code that I ever got was 33 for the MAP sensor.
Held 45# on the fuel rail and had spark until the engine slowed down and finally quit.
Yes, AAA tow truck to the mechanic. Called them who told me that they took is for a test drive. What is wrong with it?? I replied that it ran so you could take it for a drive?? GO FIGURE!!
Maybe it didn't like the tow truck.

posted by  templdl

sound like the direct ignition system the coil pack is it a two piece construction coils on top and electronic box thin rectangle box under coils sound like its dying out as it heats up hense lost spark gradualy dies off

posted by  osborste

sounds like you have a vacuum advance problem.check all the obvious things first.coil packs ,plugs,timing,clean fuel injectors,throttle body.the 3.1 litres are famous for intake manifold gaskets going.if you step on it,exhaust gas gets in the manifold pressure circuit and as the maniflold vacuum drops,the map sensor tries to compensate by changing the fuel mix.it will keep leaning out the mixture until it stalls .use a propane torch and without it lit of course.move it around the intake manifold.if there is a leak,it will take in the propane and change the idle speed.could be why error 33 showed up.put a vacuum gauge on the manifold and see if there are funny things going on.i work at a gm lot and we sell a ton of gasket sets for the 3.1 engine.there are 2 kinds,one is for roller type lifters.

posted by  the lobster

Code 33 can be caused by either an electrical malfunction or a serious vacume leak.

Vacume advance - probably not since the GM 3100 has DIS or C3I ignition systems thus there is no distributor or vacume advance

posted by  tbaxleyjr

a misfire and low or unstable idle can also set code 33

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

very true

posted by  tbaxleyjr

mm.thats right the electronic ignition.but i still think its vacuum,or electrical

posted by  the lobster

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