nissan nx2000 not starting

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92 nx2000 2.0L manual

i was backing up, shifted to 1st and then the engine cut out, now nothing happens when i try to start. wont turn over at all and the check engine light does not come on. interior lights and headlights still come on if i turn em on. tried to jump start which didnt work. any ideas?

edit: had a similar problem a few months ago but engine would turn over, needed a new ignition

posted by  chipstand

possibly the neutral switch though unlikely.. you never reverse then put it into gear bad bad bad bad bad. Always stop. Does the starter click or anything?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

yea i did stop~~:P but nope, no click, completely dead

posted by  chipstand

Hey new here.
I have the same problem except the car chugged and died. The clock still works, signals go out. Brought it into the shop, for 300 bucks they checked the battery, the alternator and starter. they replaced the battery connector, and replaced the alternator belt. The car chug chug dies in 5 minutes after boosting for 10 minutes and ripping it around. Have any suggestions? dont want to sink any more money into it, but... it's been a great car. i just had the fuel pump done.


posted by  CharmfulDelight

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