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Hey all,
Im pretty new to all this, but i know my basics... I have a 83 plymouth turismo, and it was running fine and all, but i let my cousin have it for a while..... somebody sugered the car, well im pretty sure they did since i found little white crystels around the gas tank(it the pipe where you put in gas).....neways it was running for a while, and it started losing alot of speed, and it was very damn slow, anti-freeze was leaking from the engine also. It basically stopped running, a couple months later i decided to try and fix it up.....i tried starting luck, after a couple tries i got it to start for about 5 seconds, at 5000 rpm :wink2: ; now i thought mayb something was in the gas tank still, and again at this point, i had no hands on experince with working on engines, so i removed the gas tank, and i very stupid move, i cut the fuel lines near the gas tank......when i shake the gas tank i hear something lik sand moving around.....and i basically gave up on restoring her, shes been siting in a alley all winter, and its starting to warm up, so wht the heck, imma try and restore her, and i have some questions, and any suggestions or help from anybody will be appreceaited
-Does anybody know where i can find owners manuals, to find out where the fuel filters are?
-Anybody know whats wrong with the car, is the engine gone? or can i fix this engine?
Please any help will be appreceaited, there are alot of questions, but i dont want to put all of them, the main ones will do......please help thanks.

posted by  vmc2

Also I am just trying to get the car to run for now.......suspension mods and the rest will come later

posted by  vmc2

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