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Okay, i have a 92 2.0l 4 cyl. also automatic with overdrive and multi pt fuel injection....but it hasn't been running for a while, first my water pump was leaking for a while and like a dumbass i continued to drive it and it ran hot numerous times, finally i got the water pump and replaced that which meant traking out all the timing belts and everything (i replaced those too) after that it ran GREAt that day...but later on that night i got in andu started it and it shook really bad as i went in reverse but after i went in drive and took off it quit, then the next moring i started it again and it did the same thing but it quit when i took off....but i got going up to about 55 taking my brother to school and it jst died on shaking no anything i just coasted off the road. i tried to start it but it just turned over and did nothing...i tried to start it one too many times i think....i didnt know i was mad...but then i pushed it off somewhere and i noticed what looked like oil and smelled like gas leaking from the under it. when i came back later there was no place on the ground and there is apperantly a lot of gas in my oil but it is not milky at all...i was told i needed a new distributor- oh and later on that day, after i towed my car home, it wouldnt even turn over just kinda clicked and thats all.
could i have flooded my car out really bad to put a lot of gas in my oil? someone said the battery was dead and tried to jump it and it actually turned over again once(but didnt start) and later that day i noticed a little more gas and oil had leaked out but nothing else leaked after that and there is still gas smelling oil looking stuff in the oil thing....... i dont know! Any help would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!

posted by  92galant

Could be a blown head gasket, which is likely from the over-heating. Or another case, it could be a bad piston ring. My bet, you need a head-gasket.

Does it burn any oil?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

i don't think it burns oil, i only drove it for like one day after the new parts were put in and no smoke was coming from anywhere that day and it didn't smell like it was burning oil. does it make sense to you that the firing module in the distributor went out or why that would cause gas in the oil?? a head gasket is a good possibility but does that mean the engine is screwed? does the oil have to be milky to have blown your engine or motor or whichever? im a girl...don't know too much about cars other than what i have been told about mine...but i have heard a lot of possibilities...just hoping one will stick out a little more!

posted by  92galant

haha, It shouldn't have anything to do with the distributor if it has gas in the oil, that really can only be caused by two things 1) Bad piston ring(s) or 2) Blown head gasket. A blown head gasket doesn't mean your engine is screwed, it's just a piece that sits between the head and the block because they both expand at different rates, so this enables them to do that. In the head/block there are passages for oil and engine coolant, oil comes up through the block, and through the head to the valves.. BUT if there's a hole in the head gasket, (the gasket surrounds the combustion chambers [where the fuel is burned]), and if the hole is at an oil passage to the combustion chamber, then exaust fumes and gasoline will get pushed through that hole into the oil, and, same goes for the oil, the oil will leak into the combustion chamber and it will burn oil, that's why I asked. Hope i made that easy enough for you to understand.

The oil doesn't have to be milky for your engine to be blown, that's another symptom of a blown head gasket, a coolant to oil break, the engine coolant will cause the oil to turn "milky", so no, it doesn't have to be milky.

Okay, now to get into the price issue. If your problem is indeed a head gasket, it's quite expensive to fix, because, you have to take apart the better half of the engine to get at it. I don't know what kind-of car you have, all you said was a 2L I4, so they're pretty easy to get at actually, compared to a FWD V6 with a blown left side (rear) head gasket.. oof. It will probably cost you a good $100 in parts to replace all the gaskets (have to replace the plenum, intake and head-gasket [and whatever else there might be on your engine in the way]) But it's the labour that hurts, probably about.. Depending on the car, $400 labour. So, if your car is a run down piece of rust, it may not be worth fixing, but if it's nice, fix away.

You can try a new distributor, maybe it's not firing, and a cyl or two have bad piston rings or a scuffed cylinder, the fuel may pass wall and go into the oil. Un-likely but much cheaper than a head-gasket.

Edit: Oh, Gallant, my bad, Im not sure if that's the same as the old chrysler ones or not, if it is, they're not bad to work on.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

you explained it pretty good, thank you. Well my car is a mitsubishi and from what i have learned so far is that everything is real expensive and the car is put together to where it seems like you take just about everything out to get to one thing...but the labor isn't a problem i have a few people that can fix it for me. my boyfriends dad is a deisel mechanic...he just doesnt like foriegn cars. if i tell him whats wrong with it he can do it i just have to find out for sure-he lives kinda far away and is always working so he doesnt ever have the time to do it all....supposedly my distributor was bad when somone tested it...but i don't know how legitimate the guy was....but thank you again you were helpful...

posted by  92galant

No problem :thumbs:

Don't blame him for not liking to work on foreign cars, some are incredibly hard to work on :banghead: It's just an over-the-net diagnostic of the car that it's the head gasket, could be something else, so I'd hate to make him come all the way to you and find out it's something different, so try and get another opinion from where you are.

By the way, did you check your spark plugs? I don't know if you know what to look for, but, if you take out all four, and 1 (or two possibly) is/are different than the others (black for oil [Rich fuel/air ratio {meaning too much fuel or too little air} will make it black too, but that won't be it], white for coolant), you know that something getting into the cylinder that shouldn't be there, so that's one way you could check it.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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