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Hey everybody. I have a 99 Camery LE (V4 automatic). It's been about two weeks that it doesn't start correctly. Sometimes when I turn the key, all the lights, radio and everything go one except the engine doesnt make any noise whatsoever (starter doesnt do anything). If I take the key out and try for 5 or 6 times it usually works all of a sudden.

And today the starter turned on and seemed to turn off in the middle. Is my car's starter dying or could it be just some loose connections? cuz sometimes turning the key doesnt do anything whatsoever, and sometimes it works.

any advice would be appreciated

posted by  MrPolite

ok tried agian. I left the hood open and asked someone to start the car. As they turn the key I hear a somewhat loud click (only one click) and then nothing. Dunno if that's helpful

posted by  MrPolite

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