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my cavalier still missing after changing coil oncyl 1-4 ... any suggestions?

posted by  skruzloose

We need more info, is your cav the I4 or the 3.1? if It's the 3.1, are you sure it's cyl 1 or 4? have you checked the wires and plugs? Have you experienced any coolant or oil loss?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

could be a defective coil(check for resistance on the secondary side) or maybe the coil is not getting energized, do you apply anything on the spark plug threads. If its a 4 cylinder then its the coil of something to do with it GM uses whats known as the waste spark method in which it will fire companion cylinders at the same time(1 and 4,2 and 3), check both spark plugs to make sure they are grounded and gapped properly.

posted by  carlos

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