1998 plymouth neon timing belt replacement

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i want to replace a timing belt on 1998 plymouth neon 2.0 d.o.c.-need timing info and instructions as to how to remove old belt and replace new one. timing
marks on pullys etc. when new belt installed.

posted by  avfjr

The easiest thing to do with replacing the timing belt is go to a parts store and get the manual.I have one and it goes into detail on how to completely teardown a neon (anything from 95-99).It is a lot of help especially when you aren't sure.

posted by  AHCDirtyGirl

goto www.autozone.com there you can get spec and illustrations

posted by  osborste

take off the old belt and put the new one on the sampe way simple

posted by  AutoPro

Haynes manual shows it. I would know because I own one.

posted by  newyorker

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