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I have a 98 Intrepid ES 3.2. the check engine light started blinking and the car started to buck a little and ran out of power and stalled. it felt like gas was not getting through. the car sat for an hour and ran like nothing had happened. a few hours later the car would not start and the dash lights would not all light up. can anybody give me some help with what might be wrong?


blinking BAD!!!!! on newer obd2 cars 96< blinking is telling u to pull over and repair immediately. it blinks MIL only if problems can damage the cat.

posted by  thongsai

it is not blinking now. it blinked 7 times twice then stayed on and is currently on. so it is telling me to fix the catalytic converter?


The OBD II systems are becomming ever more familiar in the regular persons vocabulary.

You must know someone that owns one, or a local part store will check your codes for you.

You clearly have some problem, that probably has nothign to do with the cat. In fact it probably has nothing to do directly with the code your OBD II tester will give you, but it will give you a place to start. It will basically tell you what system is failing and from there a certified technician can pinpoint the problem.

Nothing is easy anymore

posted by  carls47807

i never said anything about ur cat needing replacement.. but blinking obd2 means that emissions so bad that it can damage ur cat.. pull codes and fix problem immediately

posted by  thongsai

actually it gets easier everyday if you can afford the tools, and yes they are right in saying your computer is telling you something is wrong, don't rule out the catalytic converter though like this guy said. cars have upstream and downstream o2 sensor and will tell you if your cat has lost effeciancy. and are very effective, but you must have the proper diagnostics in order to address your problem

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the battery is in the fender on your car.load test it .check the MAIN ground
going to the fusebox.a friend of mine has an 04 intrepid,and that happened .
if you do not work work on cars very much ,find out if there are any tsb
for your may even be a recall,its that chrysler quality.when you say not start,did it crank?,if yes than you might have a map sensor or fuel pump problem ,or even a vacuum leak for that matter.vacuum ones will do that.
the 3.2 has a plastic intake manifold.if cracked,that will cause trouble when hot.good luck with it .there is a governor on that engine as well.check that the relays and fuses are all tight.

posted by  the lobster

"...a few hours later the car would not start and the dash lights would not all light up..." gives me a clue the problem is somewhere in the chassis electrical system (circuit breakers, fuses, grounds, ignition switches, batteries, etc.... more than an intake leak. I cant comment more since I don't have a wiring diagram for the Intrepid.

If I were having idle problems or an unexplainable misfire (ignition system and fuel injection good) I would definitely look @ the intake - Most cars built since the early to mid 1990s have plastic intakes. Some car manufacturers have made it work better than others.

The govenor in most modern engines is the engine rev limiter or vehicle speed limiter circuit programmed into the ECM

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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