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Hi all,

I blew up an engine (SR20DET-red top) in my daily street silvia and am rebuilding it myself for the first time.

I have the engine out and on an engine stand.

I have removed most everything like the head, air-con, etc.

I have removed the flywheel.

WHAT I AM STUCK AT IS getting the bottom end off and getting at the pistons.

I have un-done all the bolts on the very bottom of the motor and expected the bottom end to drop off ... but it isn't... doh...

Do I have to remove the "flywheel bolt" (forget the name of it) first.

I thought the gasket sealant was holding it on but it seems to be stuck.

Can anyone help me or send me to some pics or something ??


posted by  180sexysex

If you have all of the bolts out of the oil pan and it is loose (if you can move it a little) you may be hanging up on the oil pump pickup screen. Since I am not familliar with that engine that is about all the help I can give you short of suggesting you get a manual on that engine.

posted by  srober32

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