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Hi this is my first time on this forum i think it is great that others are willing to help the less knowledgable mechanics get around there temporary hold ups (i dont like the word problem it aint a problem unless your heart stops beating )
Any way im changing the clutch on my 93 escort 1.9 liter engine im pretty familiar with the mechanics and what not BUT ive never worked on a manual transmission of anykind b4 so i just want to get a few doubts i have pushed aside.
all of the manuals ive read (chilton haynes) are very vague and im real sure it aint that easy lol.
im pretty sure u have to completly remove the transaxle asssembly (correct me if im wrong please) including the crossmember that goes underneath the tranny. i guess im worried about fluids and little tricks i might be overlooking.i would apprieciate a detailed response to my query ive done quite a bit of work on cars, trucks,and heavy equipment and what not so dont be affraid to lay it on me i can take it lol
thank u in advance
p.s. i love this forum

posted by  spearthemechani

Yes, you have to remove the trans. Probably the crossmember too. As for fluids the volume in a manual trans is much less than in an auto tranny ( anywhere from two to like 5 quarts). I suggest draining the trans first so you don't have to worry about it leaking all over the driveway ( and it makes it lighter ). :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

thats what i needed to know if anyone has somethin else to add it will be much appreciated

thanks much kind sir

posted by  spearthemechani

make sure you brace the engine b4 you drop the transaxle out, yes the cross member has to come out, a bunch of electrical connectors on it to, and i think on those you have to remove the speedometer drive gear to check tranni fluid level, so remember how that comes out cuz it will be key later.inspect the flywheel for blue spots or heat cracks. it's best to send those to a machine shop and have em machine it flat again

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

:doh: thank u very much i havent done much work on fwd espesially manual
i see the wire connections and the crossmember is most def in the way lol the speedometer drive gear must be the part comin off the trans. toward the back.
do i take the half shafts out or leave them in and if i take them out
do u recomend any techniques for removing the cv axles so not to damage them without an axel puller?or do i have to replace them? they look like they are in good shape can still see the stickers on them without any wiping i just got the car so i dont know exactly
i bought a whole new clutch assembly with the flywheel i have the alignment tool also and i have a good idea of what to do when i get there just need to get there first lol i like to be sure of myself b4 i tear things apart normally my dad could awnser most of my questions but well stuff happens!! :smoke:
thank u very much for the info :thumbs:

posted by  spearthemechani

yes the axles have to come out, probably have to pop off the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle... pull the axle outa the steering knuckle i dunno how to explain but when you try to get the axle outa the transmission, alot of pulling and yanking usually seperates the cv axle joint inside the boots so try not to do that or else you'll have problems later, just get a little (or big) pry bar and gingerly ppry the axle outa the transaxle right at the tranni, not always the easiest thing to do but im sure you'll figure it out, i dunno if the make an axle puller for those but ive had 100% luck with the pry bar, your axles are only held in the tranni with c-clips once it's out you'll see and go WTF! unless the boots are ripped right open ... or the axles clicked on turns then you should't need to replace em, just be careful you arent having to pry on it like a crazed monkey cuz your tranni case will give b4 you brake the axle.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Me and my friend did one for my boss and it is kind of a pain in the a$$. The best way to do them is to pull out the drivers side. We took the bolts at the top that hold the strut in out, lower balljoint and tie-rod end. When you pull that side out be sure to have a pan under the trans to catch all the fluid. From here i recall having to pull the exhaust. Put a small jack under the trans and pull the rear transmission mount. Then you can get at the shifter better and disconnect that. Once that happens you can remove the bolts holding the trans to the motor. At this point pull the trans straight back abomut 3 to 4 inches and you will be loose from the pilot bushing. Drop the transmission down a little and detach the clutch cable (easiest way is to run it backwards and loop it out). the other cv will fall right down, just make sure you dont damage it.

The rest is self explainatory. make sure you line your clutch up before you bolt down the pressure plate, or it is a royal pain in the ass.

good luck.

posted by  carls47807

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