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My first project car was a derby car-cadillac fleetwood(cause of its steel body) for my highschool autotech teacher. I have basic and some advance knowledge about electrical, body, and engine to get started on a project car that will be used for everyday driving/showing off my work. Im located in North California with almost 10k in savings for a cheap project start. Im interested in mainly muscle cars but flexable with most classics. Giving this info to help give a better thought. If anyone has any information on a for sale project/car runs but needs some work in north cal and any advice please dont hesitate to leave your thoughts, thanks.
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I sent you a PM...let me know what you think...
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Need your Help

Dear Sir!
Hoping good health and habits. I need Your Assistance about my grand
father Abdul Wadood (Late) I Visited your Research Professional Site
But could not find out the Link about Contact, So I am replying by
this forum. He served the magnificent British Empire during 1900-1947,
as a Driver of a car number s-542, and as a Barrack Master in Multan
G.E. M. ES Multan, With a British officer Lance, or Lane, He served at
Wana, Waziristan, Kohat, D.I Khan and Peshawar during 1910-1947. He
was a driver of a vehicle number s-346, Ford V8, Manufactured in 1935.
He was supposed to be the driver of Lord Mount batten while his visits
to the British-India
I need Information about;
1. British officers Contact and service records who served at the
above mentioned places during 1910-1947 So that I could find Data
about his service from them.
2. . The Concerning Departments who holds His service records.
3. . The record of officers Served at Multan in 1942.
4. . Record/Contacts of officers Served at Fort Sandeman 1n 1944.
5. .A Person name (Loram Deuted Duken (or some thing pronounced like
that) and Baar Kastri, Lived in Bungalow no.2M, Mughal Kot, in 1946.
6. 5.Any Information about the record of officers/ Contacts who were
in C.R.E Peshawar in 1942.
7. Vehicle number s-346, Ford V8, Manufactured in 1935.
8. .Information how to find my Roots about Abdul Wadood S/O Yahya.
9. In London Gazette I find a record of Abdul Wadood (in Searching
Honors Dated Section) I found his name mentioned dated 5-February 1960
Issue 41947. Now There is only his name, Please guide me From whom I
get Contact info and other Information (his father name, Contact
address). If it is a Gallantry Award and is verified that Abdul Wadood
is the one I am searching for It can give us a Good and easy way to
get through his record of service.
More Over;
It is the detailed Information about My Grand Father:
1. Name: Abdul Wadood.
2. Father Name: Yahya.
3. Wife name: Maureya
4. 2nd Wife name: Janeko.
5. Mother Name: Gul Herji.
6. Date of birth; 1890s
7. Place of Birth: Mingora Swat(At that time Swat was a state under
the supervision of British Empire) Now in North West Frontier Province
of Pakistan.
8. Early Life: In his early stage He ran away from home, For 9 years
he was disappeared and when came we know about him that He was In a
Work Shop (Vehicle Mechanic Workshop) In Burma (Place not known. I
shall explain about the work shop, He was there to gain experience as
a Mechanic. in the early 20th Century, He got designation as a Driver
in British Forces in British India. We do not know when he became a
service Driver of the British officer, How ever, It is known that he
was a good driver and a mechanic, He got two accidents in one he lost
all his teeth's and in the other a Light injury on his feet. My father
told me that He was given Awards or letters of Good Conduct by his
officers and all his officers were pleased with him. We have some
letters in Urdu, Been written from his friends to him. From these
letters I conclude that He served at Wana Company Waziristan, Kohat,
D.I Khan, Peshawar. We also hold a transfer letter (He wrote this
letter Requesting his officer to transfer him from Multan back to
In the end is written,
Abdul Wadood, Driver,
G.E. Barrack Master, M.ES Multan. Dated 24.12.42
So, We conclude that he was in Peshawar then Transferred to Multan in
1942, His designation was a Barrack Master; He was not pleased in
Multan so asked for transfer, He also Complained that he did not
received any T.A for his____ Work.
In 14.5.1942 He was given a car number s-346, We hold the Log book of this
The Ex driver of this car was Mr. Raffiullah, He gave this Log book on
On the Lower end of the Pages there is written: I.A.F. Z-2197, Just
like the ISBN numbers Written on Books. The following is the
Make: Ford V8
Number; s-346
Chassis number c 180 f 17561.
Year of Manufacture: 1935
Type of Body: Tower Cut to Venneth.
N. of Cylinder: 8
Bore & stroke: 3.1/16" bore 33/44" stroke
Petrol tank capacity: 10 gallons
Engine: 174
So If we find information about the Company, Where the Car is
currently Exists, and to whom The company sold this car we can get
easy to find Abdul Wadood the Driver.
I am also told that he Served the British forces in the German-British
War (1943-45), He was a Driver of a Six wheel Armation or trolley (not
I am also told that he was supposed to be the Driver of Lord Mount
Batten While his Visits to the British India.
In 1947, While Coming To Swat (on Duty) He got a Heart Attack and was
taken to the Leady reading hospital By his officer. His Death occurred
and at the same time; The Great British Empire of History ended, with
giving a Miserable life to the 7 years Old Hadi Khan The Son of Abdul
Wadood with one Brother 3Ayub Khan and one sister Bakht Sultana 11,
Just think about the Miseries My family faced, Poverty and
In 2002 I took Initiative to search about the service Record of My
ancestor Abdul Wadood, and To ask for Compensation from Her Majesty
the Queen. I came to know that in 98-99, a deadly Fire Accident (which
occurred in Hadi khan shop) Not only scared the Miserable family
economics but also Lost our hidden treasure about My grand Father
Currently we hold;
1. Log Book of car number s-346 in good condition
2. 2. Driving License (Scared)
3. 3. Letter of transfer (Half)
4. 4. Letters from his friends in Urdu.
Your kind attension and special intreast is Required;
Thanks for perusing a lengthy application.
Ziaullah Khan,
Muhallah Chena Masjidd Makanabagh
Mingora Swat, N.W.F.P Pakistan
fax# 0092-946-711594
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Thanks for the pic, jedimario.

"Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence."
Frank Vincent Zappa, 1940-1993

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Originally Posted by vwhobo
Yea I dont get that either.
04 Mazdaspeed Miata #2373/4000: IHI, BBS, Harddog, Flyin'Miata.

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Let's call him!! Only if it wasn't like $15/minute

So the question is...
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