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Old 04-15-2006, 10:02 AM   #1
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Last year @ SIUC
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My 1st track experience!!!!!

Guess where I was tonight??? That's right, I was at a race track (more like a small town 1/8th mile track). Boy did I have fun!!!! My car club got a bunch of people together including and Evo VIII and an STI, and headed down to the track. I took a few pictures (I would have taken more but no one wanted to join me/be my camera guy).

The cruise to the track was really fun, it was a parade of about 18 Imports and 3 domestic trucks, and 1 ford galaxy. I took a few pics so you guys would get an idea.

Finally at the track I was really nervous. I had never cut a christmas tree, so every run was a slow learning experience. I was able too shave 7 seconds from my time. My problem was that my tire pressure was too high, my reaction time was too slow, and I wasn't launching properly. After a couple of tips from my buddies, I finally got the hang of it. I started out in the 10.6 second range (1/8th mile). Like I said, I was doing everything wrong. Once I finally got the hang of it, I was pulling consistent 10.1 second runs. My last run, which was also my best, was against a 97 GSR with a few mods (intake, headers, suspension). Everything was just about right on that last run and I ended up beating him 9.962 seconds to his 10.178. I know I could shave 4 tenths off this time though.

Man I had lots of fun and I look forward to the next time I go down to the track. Here's some pics of tonight and my best time slip (I'm car number 1 aka winner).
Random pics today...

Some of us met up at a buddy's house...

Buddy's showcar Si
My baby
A club member's STI

gutted interior
Gutted interior2
Gina was put on a very strict diet...

We met up with others later...
How we roll1
Slammed Silverado
Black Evo VIII

How we roll2
How we roll3
Old man's Bimmer (no joke)
My buddy's immaculate JDM inspired RSX type S

Black STI again (she sounds so sexy {3 in turbo exhaust})
Slammed S10 Extreme
Badass turbo Civic Si (310 WHP)
Red Si I ran against several times
Bad pic of me waiting in line

Almost my turn
My very first run (a bad one at that)...I ended up fouling, I launched at 6500 RPM which was the dumbest thing I could have ever done, and tires spun in 2nd gear) (this was vs. an 06 Jetta 2.5

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Old 04-15-2006, 10:02 AM   #2
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Last year @ SIUC
Posts: 2,122
Another bad pic of me
Yet again
Burnout B4 the smoke
2nd run
Dam It
Green light

After that second run, I stopped caring about pics. I just wanted to cut my time down (I knew I had to be faster than most of the civic's there).

Best time(I'm car #1, #2 was a GSR)...
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Old 04-15-2006, 10:38 AM   #3
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For a second there i thought that time slip was from your civic , i was gona say holy sh*t!

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Old 04-15-2006, 02:31 PM   #4
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Location: Ontario, Canada Status:Trying to find my ish
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Looks like you had a lot of fun...Wait, I thought you did this with the Civic lol
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Old 04-15-2006, 02:38 PM   #5
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Good to see you on a track, any track. Which track was it? At any rate, maybe this thread will be a motivator for some of our lower IQ'd members to stop "street racing" and do it the right way. Now about your RT's and 60's...
Thanks for the pic, jedimario.

"Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence."
Frank Vincent Zappa, 1940-1993

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Old 04-15-2006, 08:23 PM   #6
Teach me, I'm learning
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what advise did your friends give you to help you out?
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