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Old 07-23-2003, 08:03 PM   #1
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:?: Mod's for a Cavalier

OK, so I'm gonna sound like a total chick here, but I need some help. My passion for cars is just starting to take off but I still don't know enough about them myself. I was recently forced into buying a '95 4-dr Cavalier, base model. You know, the ones with the plastic bumpers. Anyways, I can't stand the look of the plastic and was wondering what kind of options I have for body work that I can get done on the car. I've been told that you can get the plastic painted, but does this actually look any good? I originally wasn't going to do any modifications to this car, but figured I'll have this car for at least the next few years, might as well like what I drive. I'm willing to put in the cash to make it look and sound decent, so any ideas and suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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Old 08-20-2003, 10:37 PM   #2
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Colour coding the bumpers is definitely a big improvement on the appearance of a car. The only problem is that it might not be a perfect match to the rest of the paintwork. What price can you get that done for? What are the wheels like? As far as sound goes, do you just want an aftermarket back box?
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Dude this thread is almost 2 freakin years old!!!
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Anything you could possibly do to the car is only gonna look worse. Dont look like those fools out there drving Civics with bodykits. Just use the car to get from A to B and save up for your next car.
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Damn thread revivers!
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