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Old 08-05-2005, 02:31 PM   #1
The Big Meaney
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Sorry to have wasted your time.

I don't know why I even give a sh*t about making sure people actually know anything. Maybe I'm just looking for people worthy of respect.

But I concede the point. Forming and holding tightly to closed up opinions that are based on little or no knowledge and experience, is so much more a valuable goal than anything else an automotive enthusiast can aspire to. In fact, the best goal would be to learn and experience the least, but form and hold tight to as many opinions as you can invent.

I won't bother trying to change anyone's mind, or give the benfit of decades of experience, as your opinions are so much more valuable than any actual knowledge might be.

Sorry to waste your valuable time with anything approaching facts.

Oombah, youre right. Changing a car that the gods originally made in any way shape or form other than to make it faster (especially if you can't use any of that speed on the street) is stupid. And making a car faster is only worthwhile if it's already too fast to start with. Art, artistic expresssion, and kinetic sculpture is pointless. Youre lack of creativity and artistic ability, and hatreed of anyone who shows an aptitude for it as it relates to cars is indeed the way of the light.

importluver, youre right, too. When it comes to cars, rotaries were built by the hand of God, himself, and anyone who changes one out for an inferior piston engine is a heathen and should be shot. Just because it costs less to go faster and still work better in the chassis is no excuse for destroying utterly the work of the Lord.

I will strive to follow your shining examples from here on out. And if I happen to give any advice based at all on factual information or real experience, remind me to stop, so I won't offend anyone's tightly held, but unsubstantiated, opinions. Because those are the most bestest things anyone can have.

I'm not mean. You're just a wuss.
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