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Im nervous, and anxious....but happy at the same time

Today when I was at lunch, I asked out the girl Ive wanted to ask out since the start of school.

So heres the story....

So today my friend Tyler and I were sitting at a table in the lunch area of the school. We were talking about music, concerts, and all that good stuff, then the subject of the girl Ive been talking about for a long time comes up. I told him that I didnt think she had the same lunch as we did, but as soon as I said that, I saw her sitting at a table a few down from ours. So then our friend Chelsea comes over and starts talking to us, and I ask her if she'll go ask the girl that I like if shes single or not. She said yes, but then we didnt see her anywhere. So Chelsea, Tyler, and I were walking around looking for her, when I saw her come out of the girls restroom with one of her friends. So I showed Chelsea where she was, and told her to go ask. So Tyler and I went back to the table, and sat, and waited for Chelsea to get back. Then after about a minute and half of Chelsea talking to her, I started to see Chelsea come back. So Tyler look over the little wall that seperates the lunch area of the commons from the rest of the commons, and said "Oh shit Logan, Chelsea brought her back with her." So Im sitting just thinking "Oh God, what in hell is she doing this for?!" lol So Chelsea and her come up behind me and Chelsea says "Say hi Logan." So I turn around and said "Hi." and smiled at her. (The girl that I likes name is Danielle) So then there was (of course) an awkward moment of silence, and Danielle said "Well, I think Ive got to go..." so I said "No, wait a minute" and pulled out a chair and told her to sit down, because I wanted to get some stuff out in the open. So I said "Danielle, I like you. I like you alot. Im not really the kind of guy to do this sort of thing, because Im so shy, but, will you go out with me?" And she said she would think about. Which is great for me. The only thing Im worried about is if she'll say yes or no. Is "Ill think about it" some kind of girl stalling technique? Please tell me that it is! I really want to go out with this girl.

So ever since then, ive had butterflys alllll day.
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HOW FAST!?...we'll find out this summer.

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