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Old 04-07-2006, 07:56 AM   #14
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Originally Posted by cwc123
I'd like to know everyone's opinion on the pimping fad, I call it a fad because I think it will go the way of hippie vans and shag carpets. I personally think pimping (Spinners giant spiolers bodykits those ****ing dumb exhausts) is retarded. You always see some old crappy car with the paint rusting off it with big rims and a loud exhuast, and it can barely get up a hill. As for bodykits and such I think their pretty much a paradox in themselves, their ment for high-performance cars to lower drag, but people who put them on stock cars, and call themselves street racers, are only adding weight onto their car because their not going to be going 100mph for a couple hours a day, and if they are their engine will only last so long. Big amps and shit are really annoying to me too, I hate it when I'm at home and someone thinks they will be gangster and play some 50cent really loud and try to attract attention. Also if you do consider yourself a streetracer (aka fag who puts ppls lives in danger) why the hell would you attract attention to yourself by playing loud music and having a car that looks like a hot-wheels? Wouldn't inconspicous be the best? I honestly think people should stop doing all this "pimping" and get back to adding HP to their engines. What do you ppl think?

Thats my rant :P

Your "opinion" is pretty clear. you hate ricers, you hate "gangsters" with loud audio, You hate people who choose the bling-bling factor over "adding Hp to their engines".

You see you ignorant POS, there's more to the automotive world than HP numbers. Some people want to make their cars stand out from the rest of the crowd. Some people want a nice cruiser. Some people want to make their cars look fast. Some people want to make their cars fast. Some people want to be able to enjoy music as they think it was intended to be enjoyed. Some people see a car as a transportation device to get from point a to point b. Some people see the car culture as their way of life. To some people, their car's define them. To some people it's a hobby. To some people its an obsession. Some people want a dyno beast. Some people want a trailer queen. Some people want a track machine. Some people want a daily driver. Some people want to be original. Some people want to copy everything they see in magazines and movies. And finally, some simple minded ingorant people want to hate on everyone else simply because they don't see things a certain way.


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