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Ford 4.6L. Good or Bad?

What do you guys think of the Ford 4.6 liter V8.

Personally I really think they dropped the ball on this motor. People always say that these motors love boost, but come on really no High Comp N/A motor love boost. People just say that because they dont make any power N/A.

Sure Ive always hated mustangs cause im a GM and Mopar guy, but I try to give everything a chance, and I almost bought a 2V 4.6 mustang that was Supercharged until I found out the dang thing only made 335rwhp on 10 lbs.

The 4 valves are slightly different though. I really like these motors. They have a lot more potential but parts are also extremely expensive. The only relatively affordably ported 4 Valve Ive found is from Patriot and Ive heard of some quality issues with patriot. And the cams in a whole nother thing. Most mustang guys Ive talked to all say the same wether it be 2Valve or 4V, Cams in a Mod motor arent worth it. They say that for all the money it costs and the HUGE pain in the ass it is to install them, they arent worth the gain. Plus some of the 4V mach 1 guys I know are running top of the line parts and only making around 380 rwhp on H/C/I.
Dont get me wrong the heads are great but the lack of cubes and expense seems to cancel it out.

And on the 3V i think Ford should have just thrown some 4V heads on there and charged a few grand more. Id actually want a new mustang if they had like a 350hp 4V.

Whats your guys take on the Mod Motor, excluding the Terminator motors?
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