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For what it's worth, Evan Smith is a professional driver who can make anything run faster than anybody else. I NEVER said that a stock 2v 4.6 could do that...but then again there was only a few professional drivers running those uber-high 12's in perfect conditions. I live 15 minutes from Atco raceway and am there quite often...I have yet to see ANY stock LS1 run a time like that...neither have any of my friends who are also at the track frequently.

With average drivers in both vehicles, they are very close. As a matter of fact, I've seen LS1 powered 6-speed T/A's run 12.60 once...he had slicks and full exhaust and God knows what else...the rest of the night he ran in the low 13' was a 60* night and there were no traction issues. Some of these magazines receive "ringers" from the factory...ringers meaning, cars that run faster than the production models.

I believe it was Justin Burcham, owner of JPC, who ran a "pre-production" Mach 1 to 12.90's. The production models ran close but 13.10's was about as good as it got. Anybody can run anything and claim it to be "stock", that's my point here. And we're not even on topic anymore...I think you really wanted to start a debate instead of actually receive information about the 4.6. A centrifugally supercharged 2v 4.6 should make more than 335rwhp, unless it's completely stock, untuned, and equipped with an automatic something was wrong with that combo.

Don't let one car, with a less than optimum tune/setup, turn you away...they are quick cars and very fun to drive...and speed parts are cheaper than they are for GM's...not to mention easier to work on.
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