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Canadian Price Disparity

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the price disparity between purchasing a car in the great white north and purchasing a car south of the border. A price disparity that ranges from 15-32% more. And since the Canadian dollar has risen to parity, we Canucks are paying a lot more for essentially the same car. Recently, 4 men in Ontario has filed a class action suit against the Automakers of Canada for 2 billion dollars, concerning the price disparity, and any Canadian that has purchased a car within the last 2 years fulfills requirements to join. But obviously this class action will have no effect what so ever, since this will not go to court and will not get anymore attention than it already has.

I propose that we should instead start a petition, where we gather signatures/internet petitions, which states unless the automakers do something about the prices we will boycott purchasing new vehicles. I'm not saying that the price should drop to US prices, but at least within 5-10% of the US prices, we may be at parity now, but the CDN dollar might drop below once again, but not more than 5-10 cents/dollar within the next 5 years. I'm not asking the automakers to adjust their prices everytime there is a change in currency, but rather adjust it so that it at least fits with the recent trend.

The current prices are leftover from when the canadian dollar was worth 0.66 USD from a couple years ago. They were quick to change the prices when the currency exchange were not favorable to them, but refuse to alter the prices now.

I think if we get enough supporters, a boycott/petition would be effective, the problem is i have no clue about the legal things that are required, and the documents, etc, etc. So if anyone can give me a hand or take this idea and run with it. Please.

--2004 Acura TL Dynamic--

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