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Originally Posted by dodgerforlife
I agree with the license retests. If it's any consolation, any driver with a license to drive semi's......1A/CDL/whatever the desigination, they have to undergo a medical test every few years to retain it.

Ummm, the total is about 18% diesel...but only about 9% are passenger. The other 9% = medium-duty/heavy-duty pickups and semi's.

As for the amount of drivers running clue whatsoever. And that's becoming outdated, with more and more vehicles coming equipped with a CVT

And some provinces also have a handsfree only law up here....not in saskatchewan yet though.
yea..i mean people wana conserve the environment and so on and save a diesel. they last forever cause the block is cast iron, they are very clean running, and its a proven tired of this hybrid shit its BS. yea stick shifts are dying in the states unfortunately...people are getting lazier and lazier..that or they dont care for the driving experience...they just wana get somewhere, not drive there.

as far as licence stuff...we have to get licence renewed every few years..ive never had mine done so i duno how its done but why not do a basic knowledge test and visual test and such every time someone comes to renew?? or make all new drivers take a defensive driving course, no matter how old or young. i personally hate CVT...i drovea murano at work with a CVT and it sounded you know how the newer QV (i think) motors have that nice exhaust note to them...the 350z, g35, murano, fx, etc.etc...well here it was always in high RPM and it sounded completely stupid just constant drone
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