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RWD civic with rotary motor

Whats up everyone, im brainstorming a project right now and im looking for some insight/advice. Ive got a spare 97 Honda Civic Dx coupe in my backyard with no motor and im completely stripping it out to build up something monstrous . i started out researching fwd motors to build up considering it would be a somewhat easy swap because a lot of honda motors will drop right in with little modifications. During my 4bangin' studies a buddy of mine, who is into the older muscle cars, said i should just get a 350 v8 for it and he would help me put it all in. So i started researching that. ive found that a f$&@load of custom fabricating is required including frame rails, differential installation and so forth. Now, considering im only 19 i was born and raised in the tuner era (i shouldnt say raised because my parents were not mechanics but w/e i do my research) so i dont know the first thing about a v8. Still exploring my options, i started to look into rotary motors because ive always admired the rx7. i found theyre much lighter than a v8 and can produce similar power with little modification to the motor, on the downside tho they dont usually last more than 100k miles but who cares its a race car not a daily driver. Shit, if you do the math thats roughly 400,000 quarter mile runs, which is plenty. To get to the point im not afraid of the time, work, and money this will cost but just for arguements sake lets assume the money part isnt an issue. My question(s): to drop a rotary motor into my civic shell would i need to do something with the firewall? and if so how would i go about keeping the heat away from the driver? As far as the rwd conversion, is the differential different for every motor or could i hook up any drivetrain/differential to any rotary motor + transmission? Ive also read the gas tank may have to be relocated, where to? Or, if possible would it be easier to drop the shell onto the whole chassis setup off an rx7? I know i still have to buy an rx7 im looking into getting a salvaged one

Ive only seen pictures of 1 person who put a rotary in a civic and i think its a great idea, considering that a honda shell with an rx7 motor would weigh almost 200lbs less than an rx7 with an rx7 motor, and also the civic has a wider wheelbase which if im correct would handle better (especially lowered)

What do you think?
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