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running on fumes? mpg mod idea

ok well, I drive a 1994 jeep cherokee 4wd, automatic, with the HO 4.0l I6, and I'm lucky to get 18 miles to the gallon. From what I understand, engines burn gasoline vapors, or an atomized fuel/air mixture, the gasoline vapors (fumes) are the most volatile, and bigger drops of gas do not burn as efficiently.

I'm thinking about making an intake/induction system, where the injectors would spray into a "mixing box" which would have a drain going back to the gas tank, a vacuum line with a needle valve to the intake manifold, a bigger hose to the throttle body, and an intake with a filter, plus flame arrestors everywhere to minimize the risk of explosion. So the gas that is evaporated, or finely atomized would get sucked into the engine, but bigger drops of gas would fall to the bottom and drain back into the tank. I think it will work, but the engine will probably run hot, because there will be no liquid gas to cool the cylinders, so maybe water/ethanol, or steam injection can fix that. shell engineers in the late 50's did something similar and made a car that got over 350 miles per gallon (article here: they heated the fuel so it evaporated into a lean vapor, plus a ton of other mods, but for 350+ mpg it doesn't look very special.

thoughts? comments? all are welcome. This is just an idea, and I think the jeep engine may be too complex for this without modifying a lot more than I would like to, If I'm going to actually build something, it will likely be on something that isn't my daily driver lol.

idea #2 was to kill 2 out of 6 cylinders to cut fuel consumption by 1/3
post #9 was a little revision on the cylinder kill idea
post #10 was a bit of revision on the original vapor box idea, included thoughts of adding EGR

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