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Originally Posted by dvdrose18
You would be better off getting a motor bike that gets 3 times your MPG , have reliable transportation, a backup vehicle to use in bad weather/hauling large objects, and only have to spend several thousand dollars max....

yeah, I'm just thinking out loud with these idea's, and probably will not tear into the jeep too much (because its my dads car), your advice is very practical, and I am thinking about getting a smaller car, when I can.

Originally Posted by vwhobo
First, make sure that all of your maintenance items are 100% up to date and done right. This includes fluid types and levels as well as underhood items such as ignition components and filters
Second, don't do the "warm up" thing.
Third, don't flog it.
Fourth, don't use drive thrus, or shut it off while waiting.
Fifth, crank up the tire pressures to the maximum listed on the sidewall.
Sixth, drop the driveshaft to the front differential.

all good advice from the master as well, 1-4 check, I need to check my tire pressure, and I thought about removing the front drive shaft the last time I was under it, but the chain in the transfer case is broken and gone already so it isn't connected to anything there, so I thought it wouldn't give very much improvement. Might more benefit be made by removing the ring gear on the front axle? Not that I'm going to go that far with it, because I want 4wd in the future, just a thought. I'll check out the haynes repair manual, if the front driveshaft isn't very difficult to remove, I will go ahead and take it out to see if it helps.

Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming.

Going on about the last idea I had about changing up the injectors, I thought last night, about modifying the signal from the o2 sensor, to make the ECU think the engine is running rich, so it will try to correct it by leaning out the mixture, and less gas goes into the engine = better mileage. Or to do the same kind of thing, I could partially cover the o2 sensor with foil, so less exhaust can come in contact with the sensor, and it would give a lower than normal o2 reading (it would think it is running rich) so it would correct by running leaner. Or what may happen is the ecu would think the sensor is now faulty and run on predetermined specifications for fuel delivery , I would hope for a more interesting outcome then that though. If it works, I wouldn't have to modify anything else, the ecu would do the work for me and run the engine leaner than normal... after that, other mods can be made to keep it running happy whilst being leaner.
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