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I've got nothing against guns, def not saying to ban them...either way, if people want guns, they will be able to get them.

For clarification, by "assault rifle" I meant a rifle with selective fire. From what I've read, they are extremely popular with gangs that smuggle drugs from Mexico, and a majority of the guns were bought in the U.S.

By high capacity magazines I wasn't thinking of an exact number, but I guess more than 15-20 rounds? I just brought that up because with almost every school, mall, etc shooting that I've hear about, the shooter would use high capacity magazines. If the gun held 20 bullets instead of 30, that could mean a couple of lives saved.

On a little side note, is there any truth to the saying that guys with big guns are overcompensating?

Video was cool, but that chick was annoying as f*ck.
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