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Old 08-11-2004, 08:44 AM   #1
Who's house? Runs house.
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My beef with Too fast, Too furious.

I was always into cars but when I had just started getting into street racing I noticed it was sort of underground, not very under ground, but it wasn't popular. Then about 6 months later 2f2f came out and all of the sudden everybody started buying racing rims, hood scoops and the worst of all; big, fat, colored windsheild wipers. Suddenly it was considered an upgrade to buy a muffler tip at pep boys and put it on you car, it provided no power gains and a crappy tinny sound, but you saw eveybody doing it. People started showing up at the races and i'd look at the line of cars and see:
civic,civic,civic,eclipse,civic,tiburon,civic,civi c. You get the point.

It became commonplace to see a 50 year old woman driving an automatic neon with exhaust. I soon developed an intense hatred for these people who dared call themselves tuners or street racers. I couldn't under stand the sudden upsurge, the realized its all because of that horrible movie. "I live my life a quarter mile at a time"... , that damn retard, I promise you that he couldn't shift properly, his humongous man boobs would get in the way. And paul walker? he has to have cerebral paulsey, He can't form words correctly and is definatley the worst actor ever.

Some would say that 2f2f has breathed fresh life into racing and the tuner culture, but all it did was force the mentally handicapped to put an intake on their taurus. And if that's the new life, id rather have it a small underground culture, than a huge above ground meeting of the stupidest people on four wheels.

Oh, wow, it feels so good to vent all that!
1999 BMW ///M3
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