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Originally Posted by DSMer
A Viper with nitrous? As if 10 cylinders were'nt enough. Since when is nitrous even operated through a button I always thought it just instantly mixed into your fuel(once armed) when you go WOT? I always thought the nitrous buttons were mythical and used only in movies.

yea its by a button, but he doesnt have the ones on the steering wheel. he has one in front of the shift lever (not right in front of it, more like west-northwest of it). i think u can actually call it a switch.... since u can flip it on and off but its just in the form of a button.... u get the point. i never asked him much about it, but im quite sure that by turning the button "on" makes the system kick in at WOT, even though some ppl can program the system to kick in at somewhere before WOT and so on so on.

plus, without exaggerating, he wins over $2,000,000 (yes, 2 million bucks) annualy.... im probably even going really low (never bothered asking cuz its humiliating how much ppl win by just telling jokes in front of 300 ppl and sitting around in an office signing papers). so i guess he doesnt really have much to spend it on...

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