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Help with 1996 Chevy Metro

Hi I am some what of a weekend mechanic and I am looking for some help with my daughter’s car. First it's a 1996, Chevy Metro, 4 cylinder, has air, I have replaced, sparkplug wires, sparkplugs. The car idles fine; however once you try to give it gas it bogs down then begins to rev up. It has no power off the line but after a little while it begins to speed up. I used a hand held Auto Scanner an ACTRON cp9135. After I ran the scan the trouble code returned was P0113. This along with the message "Intake Air Temp Circuit High Input" Can anyone tell me what this means and how to repair it. I hope I have given enough information.
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well without a scan tool that has the live data stream the diagnostics can get hairy for the backyarder, basically you have to see if the wires are good, and that the computer is reading properly through a series of test that involve gounding the connector and shorting the connector pins togather and observing what the scan tool tells you, if i didn't have this equipment i would try pulling the connector off and looking for green munge or corrosion on the connector, make sure the pins are straight, if you have a multi meter diconect the connector and check the resistance of the sensor, tell me what you find and what atmospheric temp it was when you did it, make sure the car hasn't been warmed up cuz that mess up my cross reference of the temps obviously, you should have certain resistance from the sensor at different temps, and if the sonsor is fubar than you go out and get a new one shouldn't be too expensive or too hard to replace, i guess ACL in that pic means air cleaner lid, i dunno lets play guess the acronym
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