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Old 02-06-2003, 05:16 AM   #1
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Gear's question.

I'm a newbie at cars but I have a question regarding the gears. Well there are 2 cars that I want to buy... both have a 1300cc engine but one has four gears and the other has 5 gears. Will the 5 gear car be faster, slower or the same as the 4 gear one? What is the fundamental difference between 4 gear and 5 gear cars if there is one?

Another your opinion which is the better car overall?

a] Toyota Corolla II Windy Hatch 1995
b) Toyota Starlet X Limited 1994

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I am not sure about the car you are buying but typically a gearbox with more gears will have closer ratio gears, whci helps the motor stay in its horsepower range, BUT it could also be that the 4 speed does not have a overdrive, whereas the 5 speed's 5th gear would bscially be an overdrive gear, for fuel economy and wear and tear on a vehicle

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Old 03-05-2003, 04:28 AM   #3
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hmm I wonder what toys have for fourth gears in them, since I dont play with toys anymore since I grew too old for such things when I started high school.

They could be overdrive fourth gears but its highly unlikely.

Really, it depends on the gears in the manual and the gears in the rearend AND the size of the tires if you decide to change the rims. This is how you consider for the horsepower that reaches the rear tires. Larger gear ratios mean more rpms(more horse kindof), smaller gear ratios-lower rpms. You have to consider the engine speed at certain road speeds.

yes a 5stick will have closer gear ratios and it may be easier on the engine(as long as you arent shiftin into 5th and lugging for more than a second)

Another thing, hatchbacks are ugly plz save yourself from buying one.

Also, anything toy isnt very good compared to a honda in the same class, outside of the sport compacts.
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